Top 4 Tips for Having an Effective Email Marketing

For a marketer to be able to stay connected with a targeted audience, email marketing is an essential strategy to use. In fact I use it every day to promote my luxury candles store and waterfall bathroom taps designs to my customers. That is because email marketing remains the leading marketing channel for you to be able to get higher ROI.

But even with the benefits that come with email marketing, it is not a straightforward strategy to implement. If you send an email to a client and you do not get a response or the client simply deletes it, marks it as spam or just ignores it then your email marketing campaign is not effective. For an effective email marketing campaign, you should be able to effectively grab the attention of your audience by considering customer behaviors.

I. Encourage Reply From Readers

Lucas Sloman runs the email marketing for these concrete pavers and this personal trainer manchester business and notes “The advantage of email marketing, unlike direct mail, is that it is able to open the door for conversations that are meaningful with people that are really interested in your particular business. Just don’t throw information. It is important that you have irresistible subject lines, don’t sound like a marketing machine that is faceless but like a real person and have a targeted content (resonates with particular customer needs and interests in an area).”

II. Avoid Your Emails Being Flagged As Spam

Bert Dolson runs the email marketing for this botox Milton Keynes clinic and this hairdressers warrington business and travel concierge and uses a newsletter to keep his readers up to date and says “Sometimes even if you have an email that is carefully constructed it may still end up in the spam folders and thus it will not help your course. To avoid such a scenario, ensure that the particular recipient had subscribed to receive your emails. Additionally, avoid the use of all caps, hyperbolic phrases and a huge number of exclamation marks.”

III. Email Should Look Clean And Crisp

Greg James runs the marketing for this borehole drilling company and this storage manchester business and JEM Medspa and notes “An engaging heading in your email will definitely make a recipient to open the email. For the email to be read you must keep the recipient’s interest and there are several ways you can achieve this. The use of bullet points to enable content skimming and grasp the vital points, use of short paragraphs and pictures inserted sparingly are advised.”

IV. Make Unsubscribing Easy

Jill Steinly runs a lawn turf business and this dewatering company and says “In case that you don’t make that easy, recipients of your emails will flag them as spam which in the future will result into problems for you.”

In conclusion, having an email marketing that is effective heavily depends on the combination of data analysis and good planning to be able to make necessary improvements. The only way for you to be able to learn and improve your email marketing campaigns is by starting to email.